studios of famous painters

Click on a photo for a large image

and a drawer

vernon ah kee
Wonderful Vernon Ah Kee in his “rented house” studio

Watch a fantastic short film by silver screen pictures about Vernon and his studio. If I was doing this project, I would CHOOSE Vernon. Not only a space to draw for him…a place to cook, eat, be with his family. Large spaces…light and dark. much needed. Collections and libraries of material. What might he need and what might he want in his wildest dreams. I could even write and ask him! I LOVE him.


August Renoir’s Studio
Photograph by “jonjholl”
at www.

Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso photographed in his Cannes Studio, 1956
Photograph by Arnold Newman/Getty Images


Louise Bourgeois’s Brooklyn Studio, 1995
Photograph by Peter Bellamy


Andy Warhol and cohorts in New York Studio, c. 1960’s
unknown photography source


Paul Cezanne’s Studio in Aix en Provence, first constructed in 1901
unknown photography source


Norman Rockwell’s original Stockbridge studio.
Photograph by Brownie Harris.


Francis Bacon’s Studio, London
Photograph by Perry Ogden


Jackson Pollock’s Long Island Studio, c. 1950’s
Interestingly, this photograph is from Joe Fig’s homage miniature of Jackson in his studio…but is widely shown as the REAL thing


Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo outside their studio’s c. 1920’s
unknown photography source


Frida Kahlo in her Mexican Studio, c. 1920’s
unknown photography source

dovid hockney

David Hockney’s Studio, 1984
unknown photography source


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