materials, finishes, textures, colours!

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Click on links in bold to go to author webpages

shift architecture finishes board

finishes board by studio shift


finishes board by Candice Olsen

paully jan

pinterest page by user paully jan with a wealth of materials and finishes ideas


and this inspiration filled page from Youngmin Song


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type in words into the search bar to find other people’s pages who have gathered up lots of information for you.


texture architecture

architecture materials

colour design

painting storage

jeweller torch

the more words you add in the search bar the more detailed and specific the results

try also these sites



Need help with generating colour schemes?

at colorhunter you can upload an image (perhaps one of your chosen artist’s works)
and it will automatically generate a scheme for you based upon that image and CMYK colour coding
you can plug the nominated colours into into photoshop and generate colour “chits” for use in your design..

at design seeds you can adjust the colour selectors and it will automatically give you a range of 4 other colours to form a colour scheme. fun

the color-calculator will provide you with secondary, monochromatic, tertiary and other colour options based upon your selection of a single colour.


go to dulux and use their many  interactive colour pages to create schemes


in case you lost them handouts that refer to this page are here and here


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