some recent studio designs


Click on a photo for a large image
Click on links in bold to go to author webpages



Gemelli Design Studio
a sewing atelier

look at’s whole section on studio designs!

other places to search for inspiration can be found via design inspiration


teeny tiny ultra versatile artist’s studio by Raanan Stern


temporary installation (imaginary studio) by 1024 architecture

scenario architecture

Garden studio for a choreographer by Scenario Architecture
when you visit his page…notice that he has consdered the volume of the space. He has altered angles , curvatures and positions of walls, floors and ceilings to evoke human movement, reflective of his client’s profession.


shed by 403 architecture using recycled bits from 3 previous projects


artist Jee Young Lee converts her studio constantly into actual artworks! from a fantastic series on this is colossal!

Nopicnic Elding Oscarson 03-2011

studio by elding oscarson


An artist’s studio by canadian architects, yiacouvakis hamelin, architects
check out Lauren Joffe’s pinterest board for a number of recent (and not so recent) studios


links to other places to look at lots of new studio designs and ideas for studio designs


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