rendered drawings

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Click on links in bold to go to author webpages


beautiful rendering of plans by Keith Hinkel.
check out his student portfolio, including some lovely perspective and axonometric sketches on Behance


use of an exploded axonometric to decribe all the formal elements of this architectural composition by Nguyen Manh Hung,
Many beautiful examples of drawing and presentation techniques can be found on drawing architecture

JP master bath vanity

A very 1960’s – 1970’s method by Daniel Betsill
Using buildup of felt tip markers (copic markers)
to provide dramatic and convincing material effects
Notice also the copius annotation (these are sketches of course)


exploration of wall textures in pen and ink  by Franco Purini.
Purini’s architecture draws on the rational and classical. His work was extremely influential upon early post-modern architects, particularly in their adoption of his drawing and rendering style. This work and others can be found on this pinterest board by Will Monte


Ink line rendering by Paul Rudolph

James FLYNN 0

Graphite and digital rendering by James Flynn


pencil rendering by Alexandra Volowska
unknown source


watercolour wash rendering by Stephen Holl


pencil and ink rendering by pov renderings


graphite, ink and felt pen rendering by Elena Cermirtan


pencil rendering by Ahmed Aldoori

axo final

Axonometric drawing rendered in graphite by Yammie Hoi Yan Ho


Digital, coloured pencil and collage rendering by Sarah Alexandra Scully


in case you lost them handouts that refer to this page are here and here


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