presentation boards

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below, some ideas for presentation board layouts and techniques

Slide 1

work selected for display in top designs 2013 (at museum victoria) by James Hayward (top) and David Sookun (bottom)

VCAA Study Design Presentation: Visual Communication & Design

presentation boards for a studio design by Harrison Jess (top designs 2012)

(12) Presentation Board - Family Room

axonometric, coloured to show designed and selected finishes and colours by Carol Featherston


traditionally styled  presentation board by Sally Woods

complex presentation board by Taylor Black
overlapping highly structured elements over sensitively drawn motif (MAIN idea)


simple presentation, with crisply drafted drawings. All colour coming from accompanying imagery by Jill Seider

karolinapajowska karolina2

presentation boards by Karolina Pajnowska, using a combination of
richly rendered technical drawings and loosely drawn sketches organised in an efficient grid


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