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During the course of the unit you will hand in 4 separate pieces of work for assessment.
Refer to the Project Outline for details of these assessments.

Assessment task 1 is due at the end of week 2 (2 weeks)
Assessment task 2 is due in the middle of week 4 (1.5 weeks)
Assessment task 3 is due in the middle of week 6 (2 weeks)
Assessment task 4 is due at the end of week 10 (4.5 weeks)

Hand in ONLY the assessment task for tasks 1 – 3. I will view your visual diaries during classes but you must hold on to them and keep working on them while I assess tasks 1 – 3. These will be assessed according to selected criteria relevant to the task from within the rubric and I will supply you with written feedback and an indicative mark.

Hand in all completed tasks (1 – 4) and your completed visual diaries with Assessment task 4 for assessment and final grading according to the entire rubric. This means, if you wish to alter and improve upon your work in the previous 3 tasks it will be re-assessed.

The rubric.

The criteria listed on the left hand side of the rubric are divided into creating and making and exploring and responding dimensions. These relate directly to the progression points for level 9.5 of the AusVELS standards for visual communications. Below you will see the the connection between each component of those standards and the corresponding criteria in the assessment rubric. During Task 1 and 2 (mainly) standards from the exploring and responding components are relevant. During task 3 (mainly) standards from the creating and making  components are relevant. Of course, Asessment task 4 will use all standards and all criteria of the rubric.

Microsoft Word - unitplantwo.docx

left: AusVELS progression points relevant to your progress in year 10 Visual Communications

right: the assessment rubric for this unit of work


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