Welcome to term 3 Year 10VC’s!

This term as we work towards the end of the year we will be undertaking a unit of work in environmental design, exploring ideas and concepts around the theme of the artist and their studio work space. When we refer to artist, we define artist as any art or design practitioner working in the fields of art and design. You will be required to select a well known practitioner and imagine them as your client.

Many of you are thinking about your future and may be considering a career in the arts. This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of one of these professions. Through research into your chosen artist, their practice and work, the tools of their trade and the spaces they inhabit you will come to new understandings of not only a particular artist, but perhaps more importantly the inner workings of a profession you may want to enter in the future.

The unit will comprise 4 interlinked but separate tasks:

1. A written biography of your chosen artist and personal reflection upon your choice.

2. A written brief of your chosen artist’s (client) needs and wants in regard to designing a working studio space they would inhabit.

3. An artwork in the form of interpretive personal shrine dedicated to your chosen artist.

These first 3 tasks will contribute to and enrich your ideas for the final culminating task:

4. Design and presentation of a working studio space for your chosen artist based upon a given plan.

Below the unit overview, outline, rubric and some handouts for the unit. Click on an image to view and download as a page(in case you lose your copy).

Microsoft Word - unitplantwo.docxMicrosoft Word - unitplantwo.docxMicrosoft Word - unitplantwo.docxMicrosoft Word - unitplantwo.docxMicrosoft Word - unitplantwo.docxMicrosoft Word - unitplantwo.docxMicrosoft Word - unitplantwo.docx

Using the blog

This blog is designed to be an accompanying tool for your work in this unit. It is a starting point only and NOT to be used as your sole and entire reference for your research and investigations.

As you browse through the pages, you will find many links to other websites that will give you insight, inspiration and even how-to’s for some of the obstacles you may encounter. Use these links…and then use the links on those sites to lead you even further afield.


In August, we will be attending an open studio event at the Nicholas Building in Swanston St, where we will visit studios of practising artists and artist run gallery spaces in the building. Details will be made available when confirmed.

Have fun and see you in class!

Miss M.

ps. look at this great “similar” competition happening in the U.K. I will post updates to the blog as the competition progresses.

And The WINNER IS ANNOUNCED!, look at this page for all the shortlisted entry presentation boards.


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